Sònia Masuda



  • 2018: BITESIZE by the BBC. Role: Maria. Lead.
  • 2017: COCO&LANA: EL DIARIO, by DISNEY CHANNEL. Role: Lola. Series Regular.
  • 2017: LA RIERA. TV3. Supporting role.
  • 2016: OTRO CUENTO MÁS. TV series for BTV. Character: Meri. Comming soon!


  • 2019: Short film L’ÚLTIMA, by Berta Martín Bas. Lead.
  • 2019: Short film POR VERNOS MÁS, by Carlos Minguelo. Lead.
  • 2019: Short film REWIND, by Ana Pérez. Lead.
  • 2019: Short film PIS FRANC, by Núria González. Lead.
  • 2018: Feature film BRISTOL, by Sergi Merchan. Supporting.
  • 2018: Feature film LA JUVENTUD BAILA, by Marc Crehuet. Lead.
  • 2018: Short film YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH, by Marc Martínez Jordán. Lead.
  • 2018: Short film MI NOMBRE ES KOJI, by David Muñoz. Lead. First Price at the Festival de Cortometrajes Japón-España 150 años, with jury chaired by Isabel Coixet.
  • 2017: Short Film A LOS MODERNOS LES HA DADO POR PALMARLA by Bea Bordanove. Produced by Bande à Part. Role: Chita. Lead.
  • 2017: Film CARAVAN. Directed by Sebastian Schipper. Produced by Sebastian Schipper, Missing Link Films and Kazak Productions. Supporting.
  • 2017: Feature Film FRAMED. Directed by Marc Martínez Jordán. Produced by Creatures of the Dark. Role: Tokyo news presenter. Supporting.
  • 2017: Promotional short film of the PREMIA DE MAR FESTIVAL. Co-star.
  • 2017: Shortfilm DARUMA, directed by Adriana Sabariego. Production: UB. Supporting.
  • 2017: Shortfilm TRIBU. Directed by Sergi Merchan. Produced by ESCAC. Oriana Award for Best Actress.
  • 2016: Leading role shortfilm MAR by Pau Puebla. Produced by ESCAC Films.
  • 2015: Teaser EVIL BEHIND ME. Directed by Jordi Valls Freixa. Production: Udol de Llop Produccions.
  • 2014: Leading role shortfilm L'IMAGE DÉCHIRÉE by Angello Faccini. Produced by ESCAC.
  • 2014: Leading role shortfilm MALDITOS SAMURÁIS by Toni Petruse. Produced by ESCAC.
  • 2014: Leading role shortfilm DRIVE by Núria Casadevall. Produced by ESCAC.
  • 2012: Movie WHAT ABOUT LOVE. Directed by Klaus Menzel. Produced by Góndola Films Extra.
  • 2012: Movie LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS. Directed by Álex and David Pastor. Produced by Morena Films. Extra.
  • 2011: Teaser PA HSIEN, by Dani Resnich. Produced by Activa Films. Supporting Actress.
  • 2011: Movie RED LIGHTS. Directed by Rodrigo Cortés. Produced by Nostromo Pictures. Extra.
  • 2010: Movie. ANIMALS, by Marçal Forés. Produced by Escándalo Films. Extra.
  • 2010: Movie. EN FUERA DE JUEGO. Directed by David Marqués. Produced by Nadie es Perfecto. Valencia. Extra.


  • 2018: KILIMANJARO. Written and directed by Javier Gil Jailme. Theater: Microteatro Barcelona. Lead.
  • 2017: WELCOME TO PINEAPPLE STORE. Directed by Oscar Domínguez and Jordi Cid. La MercanCía Company. Theater: Porta4. Lead
  • 2015: EL PLATA. Writted by Sergi Pompermayer. Directed by Marc Martínez. Theatre: Platform I+D (Barcelona), and International Theater Festival FITAG (Girona).
  • 2015: ARA. (french role) Writted and directed by: Gisela Saló. Theatre: Nau Ivanow (Barcelona), Ateneu del Clot (Barcelona), Teatre Principal de Vic (Olot). KUNSTANT Company.
  • 2015: GENERACIÓN X. Based on the novel of Douglas Koupland. Adapted and directed by Alex Mañas. Tehatre: Platform I+D.
  • 2014: SHAKESPEARE VILLIANS. Adaptation of Shakespeare plays by: Irene Hernández. Theatre: Platform I+D.
  • 2014: THE PRIVATE LIFE OF THE MASTER RACE by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Alex Mañas. Theatre: Platform I+D.
  • 2013: CENTRAL PARK WEST. Role Play: Phillys (leading role). Writted by Woody Allen. Directed by Laia Gonzalez. Arts Dinamo Company.
  • 2013: SUPERGENIALES EN REALILANDIA, child's play written and directed by Marco Rodriguez.
  • 2013: THE THREE SISTERS. Role Play: Masha. Writted by Ánton Chéjov. Directred by Aleix Fauró. Theatre: Platform I+D.
  • 2012: LA MORT DINS D'UNA BARALLA DE NAÏPS. Writted by Manuel Veiga. Directed by Melany Milito. Theatre: Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru. ARTS DINAMO Company. Barcelona.
  • 2012: RENT. Befeficial action against AIDS. Theatre: Centre Cívic Joan Brossa. ARTS DINAMO Company.
  • 2011: L'AMOR ENTRA PER LA FINESTRA. Writted by Lluís Coquard. Directed by Melany Milito. Theatre: Centre Cívic Sandaru. ARTS DINAMO Company.
  • 2010: ANTAVIANA. Writted by Pere Calders. Escola Coco Comín Production. Theatre: Capitol, Barcelona.
  • 2010: A POET IN NEW YORK. Poems by Federico García lorca. Directed by Jesús Díez. Thetre: Teatre Lliure, Barcelona.
  • 2009: ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. Writted by Joseph Kesselring. IES Joan Boscà Production.

Music video

  • 2010: VINDALOO by Ana Laan. Barcelona.


  • 2019: Spot for LICEU’S OPERAS. Director: Marc Crehuet.
  • 2018: ENVIROMENT CAMPAIGN of the city Hall of Barcelona. Production: The Good Company. Lead.
  • 2017: Spot HP Spain. Production: NEEDaFIXER.
  • 2015: Image of the Fashion Short Film THE DYING EARTH, with costume designed by Ariadna Illán.
  • 2012: Spot Music Company LINE UP RACORDS.
  • 2011: Spot for mexican tv of Comercial Center LIVERPOOL.


  • 2009: SHANGAI. Jazz, Claqué and Ballet Performances. Theatre: Palau Sant Jordi, Sala Barcelona 92, Barcelona. Coco Comín Creations Teatrals, SL.

Fashion / Costume design

  • 2016: Costume Designer of ARA (Theatre Play). Directed by Gisela Saló. Kunstant Company. Theaters: Teatre Regina, Nau Ivanow, Teatre Principal de Vic, Ateneu del Clot.
  • 2016: Costume Assistant of EL PLATA (Theatre Play). Directed by Marc Martínez. Writted by Sergi Pompermayer. Theatre: Plataforma I+D, Barcelona.
  • 2015: Costume Assistant of BARCELONA NIT D'HIVERN (Film), Directed by Dani de la Orden.
  • 2015: Costume assistant in WASP (Short Film), by Pol Armengol and Frank Lucas. ESCAC Films.
  • 2014: Costume Designer of SILENCIOS (Short Film). Writted and directed by Jesús Mendez.
  • 2013: Stylist intership in 8 AL DIA, with Josep Cuní. 8TV.
  • 2013: Costume Designer of PK2 (Short Film). ESCAC Films.
  • 2012: Costume Designer of X (Short Film). Writted and directed by de Alex Izman.
  • 2012: Backstage Assistant in the fahion show LITTLE BARCELONA, Palau Pedralbes.
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